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My  library is a part of  Kendriya Vidyalaya – Basti.  Basti is a township, located at Basti District.  Kendriya Vidyalaya- Basti is a Civil sector School. It’s established in = 1992.




1. Total no. of books-   5653

2. Total no. of Text books-  536

3. No. of Reference books/Resource books-  89

4. No.of general (fiction & nonfiction) books-1848 

5. Total No. of Periodicals/Magazines – 22

6. Total No. of books in Hindi-  54 %

7. Total No. of books in English- 46%

8. No. of books Weeded out – 1387

9. Total No of weeded out books in session (2014-15 to 2017-18) – 460

10. Total No. of books on self Available – 3587

11. Total No. of books Lost & Paid  — 217

12. Total No. of books Purchased (Session-wise)—

              2014-15 = 291 books

              2015-16 = 249 books

              2016-17 = 076 books

              2017-18 = 154 books

              2018-19 = NIL

              2019-20 = …………



                          “BUILD A READING SOCIETY”



 A book or volume presupposes “that which is composed”. A book consists of the ideas presented by poets and writers. A library is a place where books are stored as a treasure. It means a room or building for a collection of books kept for reading. It is a treasure house of knowledge. According to Indian tradition, a book is supposed to be an incarnation of Goddess Saraswathi and the libraries are termed as repositories of learning and store houses of books. That is why Milton, the greatest English poet has told that –“A book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit”.

In the absence of printing press, knowledge could not be made available through books. But after John Gutenberg invented it books began to be printed on large scale and famous books began to be printed and there by knowledge spread to all books and corners. Ever since the creation of the universe, books were written and passed on from generation to generation. Originally the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Darsanas, the Puranas, the ancient legends, Prose, Poetry, Drama, Criticism and Commentaries were put to rote. Then they were inscribed on the thatched leaves. In those days it was very difficult to preserve them because of climatic conditions. History reveals that several illustrious books were preserved in famous universities like Nalanda, Taxilla, Amaravathi and Nagarjuna Konda.

Great personalities like Gadicherla Harisarvottama rao and Ayyanki venkataramana have carved out a name for them-selves and their names will be written in Golden letters as they were responsible for starting libraries in several villages and towns and for spreading library movement far and wide. It is the duty of ‘LIBRARIANS’ to keep the books at one place classify them according to subjects and preserving them from being eaten away by book worms and protect them from being stolen. The libraries should be established in spacious buildings providing air and light. These books should be with in the reach of all readers. The libraries should be well furnished catering to the needs of all students, teachers, research scholars and common readers and general public. The libraries should also have a reading room attached to it and magazines and news papers and books for competitive examinations should be made available. The libraries should be with the latest available books and the librarians should take active part in placing order for books by referring to the updated catalogues of several well known publishes.

We have libraries in schools, colleges and universities and there are national libraries in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. There are like Panchayat libraries, Municipal libraries, Corporation libraries, State libraries, State Regional libraries in several important cities and towns. National membership fee is being collected from individuals and books are issued and collected according to schedules. Reference books and costly volumes are made available in the libraries.

Books have become quite costly now-a-days and students can’t buy all books especially reference books. In this context the libraries are rendering a lot of useful service to the reading community. Some wealthy people maintain personal libraries and issue them to the common public. Some Philanthropic persons donate books to the libraries for the use of reading public. With the increase in literacy there has been an awareness of reading habit among all people, especially the house wife’s and the old people. To promote this habit the government has started mobile libraries and they are doing commendable service in dissemination of knowledge. Besides the British libraries and the American libraries have been able to provide ready made and updated service to the readers of all categories.

One is reminded of the famous poem. “The Scholar” written by- Southey were he states that he sits in his library and in what ever direction he happens to turn his eyes casually, he finds the great books of the well known authors. Their ideas and minds are stored in their books. Those great authors are his true friends, for he can turn to them at any time and converse with them freely. The books are always there to cheer up and comfort us.

Unfortunately with the onset of Televisions and its wide spread channels all people are getting aloof to the libraries and books. It looks as though the books are imprisoned in libraries. The central and state governments have been allocating lots of funds for the development of libraries. Private individuals are also donating money and books to these libraries. It is the duty of every citizen to get benefited by these books and thus spread knowledge in all directions at large.


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