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GK FOR YOU……………………31-07-2019

Posted by LibrarianSKP on July 31, 2019



Q-1 How many presidents of India so far were elected unopposed?

[A] One    [B] Two      [C] Three       [D] Four


Q-2 Myanmar does not share its international boundary with__?

[A] Laos      [B] Thailand       [C] Vietnam      [D] India


Q-3 Which of the following is NOT a petrochemical centre of India?

[A] Koyali        [B] Jamnagar       [C] Mangalore     [D] Rourkela



Q-4  Which of the following is a correct sequence of sea ports of India from “South to North”?

[A] Cochin →Thiruvananthapuram→Calicut→Mangalore

[B] Calicut→ Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Mangalore

[C] Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Calicut→ Mangalore

[D] Thiruvananthapuram→ Calicut→ Mangalore→ Cochin



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